I am very interested to try mountaineering but I don't have any experience. Have you ever worked with inexperienced people?

Yes, I have worked a lot with people who did not have any prior mountaineering experience. Many of them became seriously heavily involved in mountaineering and were successful in 7 Summits program.

Do you still work as a mountain guide?

Absolutely. To discuss any issues please send me a request via form in "Contacts".

Can you arrange an expedition for me?

I can organize any kind of mountaineering or trekking expedition from the initial idea to the final stage. It could be based on your requirements, time frame and mountaineering experience. Also I can join your existing project at any part of its stage - creating the concept, goal-setting, selecting the right mountain and climbing route, fitting the logistic scheme, selecting the service providers as well as consulting about equipment and finally leading and managing expedition itself.

How much does it cost?

It always depends on your expedition's level. For example expedition to Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua will be cheaper than expedition to Everest or Denali. But in general numbers are varied between "expensive" and "bloody expensive".