On the 24 of July I started the next 16 week training period for Chicago Marathon that is to take place October, the 13th. Concerning the autumn marathons I have difficulties during the last years, the problem is  that summer is the high season and the preparation period is sometimes  cut short by one or another long expedition in August-September. Last year was an exclusion when I did not have any expedition during the prep period  and that is why the result of the Berlin Marathon was proper (3:30:24). It is not clear yet how it will go this year, but I have high aims - to run the marathon quicker than 3 hours 15 minutes.  This result will give me the opportunity to be qualified for another marathon-major in Boston in which I plan to take part in 2014.

In the coming 16 weeks in the frame of the preparation program I will run over 1000 km and will take part in two or three sporting events. For example I on the 22nd of September I have a planned training for 35 km and it so happened that the Sydney Marathon is to be held on this day. You will agree that it is much more pleasant to run along the prepared route that was covered by the best world marathon runners during the 2000 Olympic Games than to run in endless circles in some nearby park. I was training in the same mode last year when I managed to in-build so successfully The Moscow Peace Marathon into my training schedule.

If by any case I would not be able to achieve the target result in Chicago, I will have a chance to improve in New York Marathon on the 3d of November - I am registered at this marathon-major as well as at the Sydney one.

The Australian climate during the summer months (they call them winter here) are favorable for runners - the temperature is rarely higher than 18C and, as a rule, is about 13-14C. Rains are rare, so the weather is definitely not the factor that can hamper the trainings.