This Marathon is considered the speediest marathon in the world because the last two world records were established here:  by Heile Gebreselassie in 2008 (2:03:59), and by Patrick MacAiy in 2011 (2:03:38). The possible reason for that is that the route has minimum elevation and the autumn weather conditions ideally suit the sportsmen.

After New York Marathon the Berlin Marathon became the second of my marathon majors. I had been preparing for it during 16 weeks according to a special program  and as the result I did it by 3 hours 30 minutes and 24 seconds. By now this is my best result. Still this result does not give me the right to qualify for another major in Boston - in order to participate in it one must have a result not more than3 hours 15 minutes. But I plan to better my results next year in Chicago.