"SportistMord" ("Sports is death") - is a German joke. Probably, with the aim to prove the contrary about 200 different level marathons are held in Germany every year. The most immense rounds are in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt-on-Mein, Cologne and Munich. On the 22nd of May I participated in one of them. The Hamburg competition does not include relay-race and semi-marathon, it consists only of classic program of 42,195 kilometers. By official data, 15 000 runners took part in the event.

I cannot say that I was properly prepared for the run - the training schedule was intruded by Kilimanjaro expedition. As the result I ran for 4 hours 7 minutes which is inferior to the last year in Edinburg (3 hours 55 minutes). Despite of the moderate preparation, the distance was rather easy for me - I even managed to have a look at the city in the process of running.

This September I plan to participate in Sydney Marathon - having seen the city already I plan to strive for result:)