The North Col is a pass with steep slopes and completely covered with ice that connects Everest and Tchangze (sometimes called the North Peak), it is also known as Tchang La that in Tibet means "North pass". The Western Rongbuk Glacier begins here exactly from this pass and the first several days of all mountaineers to Everest from the Tibet side go along this glacier.

Our expedition started traditionally from Kathmandu in Nepal. And here we faced the first disorder concerning the Chinese authorities permission for ascend. While the partners were regulating this issue we flew by a small heli to Namche-Bazar for three days for acclimatization. Namche-Bazar is the capital of all cherpas and the biggest settlement on the way to the Everest Base Camp from the Nepal side. During the three days that we spent in Namche we met a lot of my acquaintances from all over the world - someone was in tracking to the Base Camp, the other were preparing for the difficult ascend to Lhotze and Ama-Lablam. Having obtained own portion of acclimatization head ache we returned to Kathmandu, got our permissions and flew to Lhasa.

Then it takes three days to get from Lhasa to the Base Camp. This trip became for us an exploration-gastronomic journey - since in every village Alexander visited 2-3 restaurant or cafes or diners to discover the uniqueness/shades  of  Sichuan, Tibetan, traditional Chinese and other cuisines, the number of which is equal to the number of China provinces.

The thing is that at this very moment Alexander was opening 4 Chinese restaurants in Dubai and was very interested in local cuisine. Frankly speaking this  project of his ruined all the expedition plans - after our arrival to the base camp, when all the preparations to the climb was made, Alexander was forced to come back to Dubai immediately. But despite the fact that we had not reach the North Col, as we planned, the whole trip was extremely colourful and interesting.