Yesterday I was doing one of my workout and suddenly felt some pain in the right knee. The day before, I ran a half-marathon distance (21 km) at a good pace for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and in general for the last month I achieved an average volume of 100 kilometers per week. I decided not to force the issue and gave myself a few days rehab but the pain did not go away. I went to the doctor then, did X-Ray and finally - MRI. Diagnosis - a stress fracture of the right kneecup. Sounds scary but that type of injuries usually gone completely in 6-8 weeks. Avoiding any workouts of course. Plus a few weeks to restore fitness conditions. Unfortunatelly just 2,5 months remain prior to the race and it means that I'm gonna miss the New York Marathon this year. Only the good thing is experience and in the future I should be very carefully with nutrition and rehab during the high volume of running stuff. No pills - no world records (vitamins I mean).