Everytime it sounds so nice when your friends calling and saying you: "I've just opened a magazine, and there you are!". In the February issue of the in-flight magazine "Aeroflot" has published an article devoted to how the Sochi Olympics flag was raised over the highest world summits. I had the honor twice to raise the Olympics flag on these summits - once in February 2007 on the highest peak in South America - Aconcagua, and two months later - on the highest peak of the world - Mount Everest.

The project about raising the Sochi-candidate-city flag on the highest summits of 5 continents (the number of the Olympic rings) was organized by my good friend Maxim Shakirov under support of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee. Within the project the flag with Olympic symbols was raised to the top of Kosciuszko in Australia, Mount McKinley in North America, Aconcagua in South America, Elbrus in Europe and Everest in Asia. The video of these expeditions were in the final presentation of Sochi at the IOC Assembly in Guatemala in June 2007. I'd like to believe that the shots captured by me at the about 9 000 metres altitude have contributed to the vote results of the IOC members in approving Sochi as the host of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.