On January 3rd our New Zealand adventure began. Every time visiting this country I promise myself to come back here and go skiing. Besides at all here is awesome heli-ski. At this time we have a very intensive plan - climbing volcanoes, visiting lakes, glaciers, mountain rivers, bungee jumping, trekking to the Mount Cook and many more.

At this time all members of my group are a very experienced hikers in a good shape. This allowed us to explore the unprecedented numbers of attractions and trekkings on both of the New Zealand islands.

Frankly speaking it's very difficult to choose the most New Zealand vivid impression - this country is just awesome. But the most exiting thing of this trip is the Tongariro night climb - a huge volcanic massif in the central of North Island. The climb took over 6 hours and we even had time to save a group of American tourists who lost en route.

Tongariro massif consists of 12 cones up to 2 000 m and situated on the territory of the same-name-national-park. The first eruption occurred about 250 thousand years ago. Since 1839 there have been over 70 eruptions. August 7, 2012 - is the first time in 115 years, when the volcano woke up. It resulted the cancellation of dozens of flights.

Not far from the massif is a young active volcano Ngauruhoe (2 291 m) situated - we did not climb it and only enjoyed its view from the summit of Tongariro. Ngarauhoe is also known by the fact that in 2000-2003 on its slopes were carried out survey of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings."

As usual we coldn't live without an unexpected adventure. Schedule of our expedition was suddenly disrupted due to the fact that a huge landslide destroyed a section of road intersection. So it took away from us a lot of time. Therefore, the last couple of days of the trip we struggled to catch up and tried to get as many new impressions and emotions as we can. We visited the world of illusions in Wanaka, almost missed our ferry to the neighboring island, were caught by police for speeding while researching NZ beauties, swimed in the Tasman Sea, visited geysers and hot springs in Rotorua and even were at the hobbits' party.