Anyone collecting "7 Summits" list comes to Australia sooner or later. The highest Australian peak is Mount Kosciuszko (2 228 m). In most cases climbers come here later rather than sooner, and as a rule - after such major peaks like Mount Everest and Mount McKinley. There are two reasons why. First - because Australia is far away. Second - because climb is easy an could be done anytime. So they leave Kosciuszko "for later". And mountain just waiting - it knows very well that nobody get off the hook.

This Australian summer a couple of my friends come to conquer the highest mountain on the Green continent. Sergey Dudko and Dmitry Krasnov have just made Everest and were on their way to Mount McKinley. Another couple of tourists joined us for Kosciuszko trip. By contrast it will be their first summit of the "7 Summits" list.

Kosciuszko - the highest peak of the Australian continent. Located in the south of New South Wales, near the border to the state of Victoria. Altitude is 2 228 m. First climb was done in 1840 by Pawel Edmund Strzelecki. He was a Polish traveler, geographer and geologist and named this peak quite atypical for Australian realities.

Climbing route on Kosciuszko is an extremely popular in sumer time. It usually takes about 4 hours from the foot of the mountain to the summit. Besides there are several advanced ascent options which include forcing of the mountain rivers.

Fortunately nothing prevented our group safely go down and continue exploring Australia. Its nature is so diverse that three weeks is not enough to make up the overall impression of this beautiful country.