Hello everyone.
We are doing fine. We are alive and well, resting at the Base Camp at the 3,600-meter mark. Unfortunately, the inclement weather that started three days ago disrupted our acclimatization schedule somewhat. According to plan, during our second acclimatization ascent the day before yesterday we had to spend a night at 6,100 meters. However, hurricane-force wind with snow and rainstorm prevented us from getting any higher than 5,900 meters. We were forced to turn back and spend the night at the 5,300-meter camp. So far, we have spent three nights at 5,300 meters and ascended to 5,900 meters. In principle, this may prove enough for a successful assault, the more so that all our health indicators are fairly good. Rafael Nagapetyants distinguished himself especially, having 85% oxygen content in his blood at 5,900 meters while everybody else had 70%. Due to being short of one acclimatization night, we will most likely break camp not at the classical altitude of 6,100 meters, but higher – at 6,400 meters. A night at such height is more difficult, of course, but it will also cut our trip by 3-4 hours, which is very important. In any case, we will determine our ascent tactic as the events unfold, based on our health indicators and weather conditions. After two days rest we take off again from the Base Camp for the Advanced Base Camp, from where we will proceed to Camp 3 at 6,100 or 6,400 meters. Provided that the weather is good, we will assault the summit of Lenin Peak on August 5 or 6.

Reporting from the Lenin Peak Base Camp, Sergey Kofanov.

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