Hello everybody.
Everything is going fine and according to plan. Over the last two days we moved from the Base Camp to the Advanced Base Camp at 4,350 meters, spent the night there and made an acclimatization ascent to 4,700 meters. This morning we fitted our gear and packed our loads to be delivered by porters to the upper camps. The weather was magical the entire day – no wind gusts or clouds – a real summit day. We found out that only 5 persons made it to the summit this season due to the large amount of snow above the 6,700-meter mark, which complicates the assault for all teams. So it is in our interests to try to make it to the summit together with the other teams, so we can jointly make a path through the snow. Several other expeditions, including Turkish, Russian and English ones, are working on the mountain simultaneously with us within the same schedule. So, in principle, we have the manpower to form the assault team. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the 5,300-meter camp where we will spend the night. And the day after tomorrow we will again descend to the Advanced Base Camp.

Reporting from Lenin Peak, Sergey Kofanov