Hello everybody.
It’s hard to believe, that just 10 days after starting our expedition to Mount McKinley we are back in Talkeetna. I am too exhausted to describe all the events right now, will do so later. For the time being all I can say that a just a day before the assault our main question was whether the helicopter would be able to land at 5,300 meters and airlift Volodya, who unexpectedly developed acute back pain.
Eventually, after a day’s rest and several dozes of painkillers later, he managed to make it to the top, after which we were trying to outrun the bad weather and were caught up in a horrible rainstorm on the way down. Of course, we could not have escaped falling into glacier crevices. Ultimately, everybody is alive and unharmed. We got back to civilization and leaving for Anchorage tomorrow.

Reporting from Talkeetna, Sergey Kofanov