Today, February 10, Seven Summits Club guide Sergey Kofanov left Moscow for Argentina. His destination is Aconcagua (not his first time there). Yet this time around he is making this ascent as part of this new project titled Seven Summits in One Year.

It will be recalled that since the summer of 2008 Sergey Kofanov has already climbed: Kilimanjaro (7th time), Elbrus (5th time), Carstensz Pyramid, Mount Kosciuszko (3rd time), and Vinson Massif. Now he is facing Aconcagua, then Everest (3rd time) since April 1, and McKinley in June (2nd time).

Honorary members of the Seven Summits Club are joining SergeiSergey on this trip to the highest summit in South America:

Mary Jane – with our Club she has already climbed Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Kosciuszko, Carstensz Pyramid, and Vinson Massif.

Vladimir Stepashko – as part of our expeditions he has scaled Kilimanjaro, Carstensz Pyramid (the first Ukrainian to ever climb it), and Vinson Massif.

Grigory Korishch – his track record includes Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Carstensz Pyramid, Kosciuszko, and Vinson Massif.