Hello everyone, this is Sergey Kofanov from Antarctica.

The last two days have been very eventful, but let me take you one step at a time.

First, on December 12 at 4 p.m. Chilean time, the team of the Seven Summits Club led by Sergey Kofanov reached the highest peak of the white continent. The climb proved quite a challenge. In fact, that day turned out to be the final day of relatively good weather on Vinson Massif. Wind velocity was about 40 km an hour with air temperatures of minus 35 Celsius.. For this reason only we spent few minutes on the summit, taking only a number of photos for the record. We immediately started our descent to Low Camp and from there went back to the Vinson Massif Base Camp, arriving at 3 a.m.. Thus we spent over 18 hours on our feet. This gave us a chance to use a gap in the changed nasty weather and catch a flight from the base camp to Patriot Hills.

It turned out that on that exact day an Il-76 left Punta Arena for Antarctica. My entire team virtually made a quick transfer to the plane and left for South America on the same day. I remained on Patriot Hills to await my next team that is arriving the day after tomorrow from Chile, led by Ludmila Korobeshko. Alexander Abramov left for Chile with my team. His rapid ascent to Vinson was interrupted by one of the team members who decided to return.

According to rangers, after we left the Vinson Massif Base Camp, the weather on the mountain badly changed. The teams that had to assault the summit one day after us failed to start the assault, choosing to outwait the weather.

Therefore, the summit of Vinson Massif was conquered by: Sergey Lavrov, Konstantin Morozov, Vladimir Aristarkhov, Yaroslav Sabyrbayev, and Sergey Kofanov.

Sergey Kofanov reporting live from Antarctica.