Yesterday, December 12, a team led by Sergey Kofanov left the assault camp (3,900 m) to climb the summit. Alexander Abramov left the low camp (2,900 m) in the same direction to reinforce the team. One of the team members, Alexander Orlov, had to turn back without reaching the summit due to a health condition. Abramov accompanied his descent.

The remaining team members: Vladimir Aristarkhov, Sergey Lavrov, Yaroslav Sabyrbayev, Konstantin Morozov, led by Sergey Kofanov, successfully scaled the summit. Then the team descended to the high camp, folded the camp and continued the descent to 2,900 meters, where they caught up with Abramov and Orlov. From there they guys made a call saying they intended to continue descending to the base camp and try to leave as soon as possible due to the bad weather forecasts for the nearest future.

Congratulations to the guys on the successful ascent to the highest peak of Antarctica. Congratulation to Sergey Kofanov on the successful completion of the Seven Summits Project!!!