Today the scheduled flight of our first team headed by Sasha Abramov for Antarctica did not materialize, made impossible by inclement weather that hit the white continent rather unexpectedly. In Punta Arenas, the whole day has been sunny; the spring is in the air, while Patriot Hills in Antarctica is battered by storm winds with snow.

So far the weather forecast holds little promise. Nonetheless, the guys are in a state of combat readiness. If we get clearance to leave at 6 a.m. tomorrow, the team will be ready on short notice. Yesterday we deposited all food and luggage at the IL-76 plane. In a word, everything is ready for departure. We only wait for a change of weather.
Reporting from Chile, Kofanov and Abramov.

Essential information from Sergey Kofanov relating to the route of ascent to Vinson Massif:
I must say that since this year the route to Vinson has undergone some changes – now the entire route from the Low Camp and all the way to the High Camp has parapet ropes. In previous year the route would take alpinists along a different, less pitched path that did not require ropes. Still it was more dangerous, as most of it runs above an overhanging icefall. This year, for security reasons, the route was removed farther from the icefall to a steeper slope, with ropes provided to simplify the passage.