Back from Papua, Sergey Kofanov is inviting everybody for an evening party on November 19 at 8 p.m. at Aktivny Otdykh store at 7 Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya Street, near Prospekt Mira subway station. He will tell a bone-chilling tale of Papuan passions, the insurmountable Carstensz Pyramid, and the brave mountaineers who overcame the most incredible obstacles on their way to the prized goal. He will also showcase some breathtaking photography.

Another guest of the night, the famous globetrotter Matvey Shparo, will offer an account of multiple expeditions to the North Pole as well as about his recent unprecedented outing to the North Pole during the long polar night. He will also share stories of multiple other expeditions: the legendary crossing of the Bering Straits over drifting ice floes, the unusual ski expedition across the Greenland, the unique ascent of McKinley with disabled alpinists with back injuries.

We will also be seeing off our first robins of the season – Alexander Abramov and Sergey Kofanov – on their new expeditions of the Seven Summits Club: to Vinson Massif and the South Pole.