Today the weather is fine in Nabire. Helicopters are shuttling to the gold mine and back since early morning, the noise of their rotors preventing me from sleeping since six in the morning. Bob and I spent the first half of the day at the airfield, shipping off fuel for the refueling stop of our helicopter in Enarotali. This turned out not as easy as it would seem, as there is a military patrol along the way from Nabire to Enarotali, and a special permit is required to pass it.

While being there, I have talked to the BELL crew, including one pilot (unfortunately, he had no experience of trips to the Carstensz base camp). He confirmed the information that both pilots experienced in landing at the base camp are now in Jakarta and should be back to Nabire soon.

We have adapted to the local climate almost entirely - at least today’s +36 Celsius in the shade no longer seems unbearable. We hope to get sign from both BELL pilots in a few hours - whether or not they will be able to make it back to Nabire before November 3.